King Arthur riding our way

KingArthur.jpgI’ve always been a sucker for “epic” kind of movies. I’m also known for having a soft spot for fantasy films of almost any kind. It’s a rare occasion when you get the two together, so when I heard about the upcoming King Arthur movie I was instantly intrigued.

Another interesting thing about this flick is the lack of any major star power. Keira Knightley has been starting to form a solid name for herself over the last year, but isn’t quite ‘A’ list just yet. It’s also taking a less traditional road than previous versions:

King Arthur “is not about the romantic triangle we’ve all read about” but rather “it focuses on seven guys given this mission from hell to capture a young boy who the pope has deemed to be next in line for the throne. It’s a real portrayal of this sixth-century time period ‚Äì definitely not a glamorized Hollywood version of it.

King Arthur is currently scheduled for a July 7th, 2004 release

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