Blade Trinity (Blade 3) finishes filming in Vancouver

tripleh.jpgI’m looking forward to seeing this one. The other Blade movies were just good old fashioned “guy” brainless action flicks. This one should be no different. It will be interesting to see how Triple H does as and “actor”. The guy has all the physical attributes to be an action star… let’s see if he can grunt out a few lines. Here’s a snippet from FilmForce:

David Goyer, writer of the first two Blade films, got to try his hand at directing for the third vampire-hunter installment. Now that shooting on the Vancouver set has wrapped up, Goyer was happy to share his thoughts on Blade: Trinity with the Vancouver Province.

Dealing with the attitudes and foibles of actors on a day-to-day basis was a challenge for the first-time feature film director (Goyer made his directorial debut on the indie 2002 flick Zig-Zag). Wesley Snipes in particular is known for being difficult, and Blade: Trinity proved to be no exception. “I am going to try and be as diplomatic as possible,” Goyer says. “There has always been drama on the Blade films and this one was no different. We prepared for drama … and there it was.”

Working with WWE wrestler Triple H (Paul Michael Levesque), however, was surprisingly enjoyable. “[Triple H] turned out to be completely professional, dedicated and humble, and very funny with great comedic timing. We ended up writing more scenes for him.

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7 thoughts on “Blade Trinity (Blade 3) finishes filming in Vancouver

  1. I think he meant ‘Trips’ and not ‘crips.’ Trips would be Triple H’s nickname and jobbing in wrestling is losing and involves ‘putting over’ the other wrestler or making him look good. Thus Vic was asking if Triple H is willing to lose or ‘do the job’ a fight to Snipes. In the WWE he’ known for being pretty political backsateg and not necessarily the most cooperative guy in the world.

  2. “But will Crips job for Snipes?”

    Perhaps being over 30 I have missed something in modern slang, but I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that statement just plain didnt make sense.

    If it does make sense Vic, then could you please translate for the less “street” of us?

  3. True, but this is also the same guy who so humbly announced when asked about doing Major League 2 all those years ago.. “Sorry, but I don’t do little parts anymore, just big parts…” and then proceeded into making such Oscar worthy hits as “Passenger 57”, “Murder at 1600” and who can forget “Art of War”. Ugh.

    The power of the ego. It’s an amazing thing.

  4. What amazes me about Snipes are the reports that he wouldn’t allow Donnie Yen to choreograph his action sequences in Blade 2 … sure, Snipes isn’t a bad martial arts performer as westerners go, but Yen is one of the recognized masters of his craft worldwide and you can be pretty damn sure that Yen choreography would’ve included more flying scissor kicks and less suplexes …

  5. Any reports I’ve ever read about wrestlers working on movie sets have been positive. Guys like The Rock and Triple H seem pretty eager to show that they can make it so they’re pretty open to direction. I think part of their humility comes from the necessity to work with the other guy in the ring to avoid injuries and put on a good match. Triple H was gold when he was on SNL. On a barely related note former WWE wrestler Nathan Jones has a small part in Troy. I think a few other guys have some stuff in the works too.

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