Batman: Intimidation. Batman Learns Manners.

Batman may become British with a more “suave” fare rather than the flashy, kiddy flare we’ve been getting.

At first glance I thought this might be silly, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. and Why?

Well, because frankly folks, there’s no way someone can release another Batman movie into North America and also convince the average joe-schmoe movie fan to sit in its attendance – Simply because the last chapter (or arguably “chapters”) were so horridly bad, that director Christopher Nolan is practically REQUIRED to re-work this new movie and make it very very VERY Unlike all of the others in my humble opinion.

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The cast list remains very impressive so far with Nolan currently bringing on seasoned costume designers for Bond films and special effects people.

Since this movie deals with various events and paths Bruce chooses in becoming Batman, I think we’ll be seeing a lot more “Bruce/Multi-billionaire” oriented stuff. Or simply: More high class. More Suave suits. More liquid cash being spent on really cool latex outfits. I think this could actually be quite a good move. Especially since it won’t simply be inflamed villian after villian after villian broken up with the occasional gang member that likes rubbing themselves in black light paint. UGh.. the memories.

8 thoughts on “Batman: Intimidation. Batman Learns Manners.

  1. U dont want a female stalker had one b4 that wouldnt give up. She would show up at the airport when I left town, got in my place couple times. Not as cool as u think and it can get kinda weird when you have to get a proximity ruling enforced.

  2. Kid Suicide?

    (i do need a life)

    I am though looking forward to Sarah Carter’s return in Season 4, here in the UK.

    Her performance in Obsession was perfect.

    I wish I had a female Stalker :]

    Looking forward to the Batman film – thumbs up!

  3. Adam Knight is Bruce Wanye.

    Sarah Carter is a babe.

    I need to get laid.

    I’m never going to get laid.

    Ever again……unless – I become?


    No, that won’t work.

    Or will it?

  4. OMG! you’re right, i live in the UK and we just got the ep where that guy touches clark and people and sees their deaths, I almost collapsed when i saw Clarks future going on to become Superman prime etc… But that bit about Adam Knight, the psychic kid said that Adam had died, which could be taken in the sense that when his parents died his life ended, or it oculd mean that Adam is actually some kind of supersolider that Lionel Luthor has got to infiltrate Clarks group of friends?

  5. Holy crap Batman! How did I not think of the Adam Knight/Batman connection. I love Smallville but I’ve missed a few episodes this year so I’m a bit behind. Excellent point though.

  6. I would love to see a movie that goes a bit deeper into the pre-Batman part of Wayne’s life.

    For those itching for some “young Bruce” storyline let me propose a theory.

    I am a fan of WB’s Smallville (TV) and there were talks about having a similar show dealing with a young Bruce Wayne and his history of acquiring the skills he displays as Batman. The show never came into reality, and WB has since resorted to having a young Master Wayne making a guest appearance on Smallville.

    Lotsa red tape – Didnt happen. Or did it?

    Fans of the show will likely know who I am talking about. A new character “Adam Knight” (Adam West/Dark Knight tribute?) has been Lana Lang’s new friend of late on the program. His history is clouded in mystery, and he is an orphan. He decides to spend some time in Smallville after recovering from an accident he claims took his parents.

    This Adam Knight has no job (but no need for money), no friends or family “back home”, and displays knowledge of complex chemicals and martial arts prowess. When asked about these skills and abilities he simply claims to have had time to read when he was in recovery.

    My theory is that this is Bruce. WB can’t admit it, and likely never will. But think about how a young billionare playboy is supposed to receive instruction and education to the degree Batman displays without someone raising an eyebrow? He uses those billions to buy a temporary identity. He got good at leading a double life long before the cape and cowl.

    Go watch Smallville. Its not “Dawson’s Creek with super powers” It is a good series.

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