The Station Agent: Small Cast, Huge Characters, Small Cast.

station.jpgI repeated myself in the title on purpose. Because the truths in the sentence number a few depending on how you look at it.

This movie is a true character piece and a SOLID one at that. Each character is very real, with ranging emotions and not just one characteristic that simply gets louder or softer through the movie. And yet, each character is so wildly different that the “window” into their life seems to be giving you a full view of very real, honest people that just happen to have a camera following them around.

Peter Dinklage plays Fin, short for Finbar. Fin is a very quiet, mysterious sort who’s worn spirit has been well-weathered by constant badgering about his height. Finbar is what we’d call a midget. Or just plain short. Peter stands 4 foot 6. “Fin” is 4 foot 5.

Finbar inherits a old, broken down, nearly-abandoned Train station depot in a quiet town in New Jeresy called Newfoundland. He befriends a few of the locals and a new ‘life’ begins in this context of a quiet town who may not be ready for a new occupant, or maybe that occupant is exactly what they need.

Folks, that’s just about it. “Is this one of those people films that’s all like, interaction and dialogue and stuff?” Yes, yes it is. If you want a glossy, party, blow-up, flips n tricks and cgi space flight sex scenes with explosions, then go somewhere else. But I really liked this movie. A lot. An AWFUL lot. The acting is completely class. Very solid from everyone. As most people say after the film, I LOVED Bobby Cannavale‘s character “Joe”. Bobby, who I haven’t seen in very much, maybe in the odd ‘Oz’ episode, was absolutley hilarious. He’s the main source of comic relief, not from jokes or body humour, but just in his regular care-free self contrasting to everyone else – It was so amazing, it was inspiring to those who might be growing bitter in a town that’s too populated. Like say… oh… well, forget it. Idiot.

If you can folks, check this one out. It’s a small release, it’s an Independent release, it will be hard to find. It’s also incredible.

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