The Real Walt Disney Would Be Rolling in His Grave

(That’s right, the notion that he’s frozen is only a rumour.)
Well, as you’ve probably heard, the all-mighty and powerful Corporation powered by money and complete Morons has decided to close its 2-D Animation Studio in Florida. (Read the Article here) It is a Sad Day. A Day that might make us reflect on days when the sun shone brighter – like the way it shone on Snow White, Ichabod Crane, Sleeping Beauty or newer films like Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin. Disney’s attitude toward those days? “F*ck ’em”. Sigh…. Stupid, stupid rich people.

In a way, this move is only deserving as the studio has released only the occasional bubble of charm in a tidal wave of she-ite.

Maybe I’m goin WAY too far out on a limb here, but if you’re releasing such bad 2-D animated movies, that it results in a closure of an ENTIRE studio, then WHAT ON EARTH makes you think that adding a 3rd dimension to the film is going to make the acting, the directing, the characters or hey, maybe even the FLIPPIN STORY any better?!?!?! Why am I not getting paid to come up with these earth-shattering conclusions??? — Or better yet, why is someone GETTING paid to NOT come up with them??

If I sucked at math (which, is VERY possible) and I dropped out of my math courses to chase a career in… oh let’s say… nuclear physics – I’d really hope that one of my close friends would punch me up the side of the head with a car. Why? Because doing such a thing is very very very very very very very very Stupid. It’s exactly what I suck at — only harder. If you can’t get the fundamentals right, don’t even bother trying the next step.

Like I mentioned in this post, Here are some proofs that 2-D animating is alive and well.

– Lion King sells 3 million DVD copies in two days – Almost 10 years after its release.
– Disney purchases and “distributes” “Spirited Away”, but distribute and market it so poorly, hardly anyone has heard of it. They resevered the marketing budget to pump Disney’s own train wreck, Treasure Planet – Animated, but also littered with tons of computer stuff.
– Treasure Planet Bombs. (this point doesn’t help prove much, but I just love saying it)
– Spirited Away wins an Oscar at the 75th Academies for Best Animated Film. Beating out Ice Age (Oh! a 3-D film!) and Treasure Planet. (Suckers)
– Two words: Iron Giant.
– Do your kids still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings? Yeah… they do. 80% of which are 2-D. Did someone not notice this? Of course not.
– Wanna take a guess how much Anime rakes in every year? Todd the Foreign Flim God may be able to tell us, but I guarantee it’s more than your mom.

Fortunately, There Is Hope:


Former Disney animators have banded together and are opening their OWN studio that will specialize in 2-D animation for Film, Television and Commercials (Read the Article here) Wanna know where they are setting up shop? In Orlando, Florida – right next to the big Mouse himself. The neighbourhood just got a bit tense. From Their Website:Legacy’s goal is to create quality animated films with compelling stories and strong characters and to continue Walt Disney’s legacy of hand drawn animation. Legacy will also be dedicated to developing original properties for television and film.“. Apparently, they have 3 productions on the table. They already have my dollar when it comes out.

Thank You, Disney for all of my childhood cartoon memories. I will treasure them for years. But as far as your animation goes, in my mind, you can stay in the past with them. Cheers.

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