SpiderMan 2 Picture Looks Great.. This Catwoman Thing Looks Worse.

berry.jpgWell, now you know that Doc Ock gets his claws on the webbed wonder at least once. — However you also know that this Catwoman deal with Hally Berry isn’t being promoted with intellect in mind.

I mean, if you’re trying to capture cleavage, they’re earning their dollar, but this isn’t Catwoman. Sorry. Sure, you’ve admitted that “this isn’t the Gotham City Catwoman” — okay, well, that’s all well and good — but can you not name it after a Character that’s older than my Dad and more recognized than most celebrities? Are we asking too much? I dunno.

Aintitcool.com has larger versions of these pics posted.
Check ’em out here: Spidey, Catwoman

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