Save Disney! – No Really!

savedisney.gifOkay, I babbled on a couple posts ago about my issues with the Disney Corporation and their general stupidity.

And Roy Disney, son of Disney’s co-founder, and Walt Disney’s very own nephew, feels exactly the same way and has decided to do something about it. In light of that, please visit:

On his site, you’ll find a solid longing for the type of animation, films and corporate standards that Walt stood for all those years ago. Roy’s written Statement is extremely revealing and open-hearted. Here’s a nice little snippet:

“My Dad was quoted once as saying, “it’s easy to make decisions, once you know what your values are.” That speaks volumes about what’s gone wrong with the company.

But I also believe that our identity, as I’ve described, has been compromised by many factors: the addition of unrelated assets which live by different value systems; the perception that, in the absence of ideas, the road to success is to cut, slowly and cruelly, back on everyone and everything that once made us successful, no longer giving our guests value for money; the shifting moral grounds that this conglomeration of companies has created. Try this one: “The Walt Disney Company’s ABC Presents the Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Show.” I’m not making that up, in case you wondered.

We need to remember that the product itself is important, not just the selling of a “brand” name.” —Roy E. Disney

Folks, Disney’s gone fart. That’s right, Fart. Sure, I’m a ‘grown-up’ now, but someone out there is mucking around with my childhood happiness and frankly, that pisses me off. Give Roy Disney a couple minutes of your time and check out Seriously.

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8 thoughts on “Save Disney! – No Really!

  1. The rumors that Walt was a nazi are just untru. There are nothing at all that backs up this, and it is false.

    Someone in time may have called him that because of his hard way of runing the company (he had problems with his temper), but it could in no way be attached to his political views.

  2. Went into the “Disney Store” the other day. the one in Downtown Disney Orlando. I saw a toy on the shelf and asked the “cast member” where they were in the store. I was told that they were sorry, but this item was no longer sold and had forgotten to remove the display. I asked if it was possible to then buy the display for my disabled son, despite eisner, he cannot be swayed
    from MICKEY.
    The cast member took the toy off the self, went to the backroom, cleaned the dust off, put the toy in a plastic bag and said, thankyou very much!
    This I believe is, the true spirit of Walt Disney.
    Some thing that Michael Eisner has forgotten or sadly may never have known.

  3. Okay, first of all, since Nazi propaganda has absolutley nothing to do with what we’re talking about, we’re going to cease the contrite finger-pointing regarding Nazis while I’m talking about my Disney cartoons. – If Walt Disney *as a person*, stirs issue with you, here isn’t the place to talk about your first hand experience with his personality. – Especially if you’re talking about Nazis – which is arguable in the first place. Good, now that that’s out of the way, on to more fun topics.. like cartoons.

    As far as his cartoons go – I believe the issue here has become the company’s philosophy rather than dialogue in their films. Mind you, what you’re complaining about has been commited by everyone all over the place. Ever read Gulliver’s Travels in its original Old English? It’s quite a read – but it’s a 20 page children’s book these days – but no one seems to concerned about that. Its roots are stemmed in an amazing story – the fact that a book’s essence has been passed down that long is fantastic.

    However, I will agree with you when Disney changes a tradegy (the original ‘The Little Mermaid’ for example) and changes it into a happy fluffy story and gives children yet another happy ending instead of educating them on the scope of loss. This, however, isn’t necessarily Walter’s fault. I do have issues when it happens mind you.

  4. Re. Disney, I have read where the original grandfatherly Walt was a Nazi sympathizer, and as for the original film/cartoon/children books, his company’s efforts dumbed down the nuanced European fairy tales to the Dick and Jane level.

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