Question: Did anyone see 21 Grams? Answer: No

One of the most critically aclaimed films this year with a totally killer cast and fantastic performances has gone by almost completely unoticed. 21 Grams in 10 weeks of release has made a grand total of… are you ready for this… $12 million. Yes you read that right… just $12 million bucks. I’m confused. Everyone knows about it. All the critics say its really good. It has BIG names in it (Sean Penn, Naomi Watts, Benicio Del Toro), it got itself some Oscar buzz, and yet nobody seems to have shelled out any money to go see it? Even Torque has made $17 million! What is wrong with this picture? I even thought the marketing of the film was pretty good… and yet… nothing. Anyone has any theories why this film has done so badly at the box office? Did YOU see it?

7 thoughts on “Question: Did anyone see 21 Grams? Answer: No

  1. “21 Grams” failed to deliver on it’s most intriguing trailer line regarding the nature of those 21 grams. The plot, re-arranged in linear time, is mundane and overly melodramatic. The treatment of time is a twist on the spiral time often used in Spanish literature. Non-linear time is used a means of diminishing the self importance of the individual and to underscore a notion of fate. “21 Grams” used this device well to achieve more than the story would otherwise offer.

    The performances of Sean Penn, Benicio del Toro and Naomi Watts are all superb and support the treatment of time in their selflessness.

    Overall, the film was high craft, low art, and probably very frustrating for audiences not accustomed not non-linear time.

  2. I saw it. THough I did like Amorres Perros better, I must admit his 1st North American film is quite well done. I think Benecio is the one that deserves most praise for it, though the end is what faults it.

  3. Saw it – it was OK. Not great, just OK. It wanted to be cool and it almost made it, but the phrase “trying too hard” comes to mind on too many levels: Naomi’s acting, cinematography, disjointed story telling. About the only things that really stood out were Naomi Watts’ nipples. Rent “Traffic” instead.

  4. I haven’t seen it yet, but Sean Penn has given some amazing performances lately. I’m going to do my best to see it when it gets a wider release.

  5. 21 Grams is just now getting a wide release, thanks to all the Oscar buzz. It just arrived in our theaters here in Missouri. Most films like this have small openings in November and December to be eligible for Oscars and create a buzz and then they open wide around Oscar time.

  6. I haven’t seen it yet. But I guarantee it will be on my list higher than Torque.

    If I wanted to see poor CGI effects, and stunts so beyond unbelievable that they lose their “stun appeal” I would go see the Matrix sequels again.

    They stretched reality for a motorcycle fight in Mission Impossible 2, and that was the only part of that film that I really didnt like, but it was passable. (oh, and the trained and seasoned agent putting a new “love” of 3 days ahead of duty.. that sucked too)

    21 Grams looked really good. I may have to catch that one very soon.

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