Question: Did anyone see 21 Grams? Answer: No

One of the most critically aclaimed films this year with a totally killer cast and fantastic performances has gone by almost completely unoticed. 21 Grams in 10 weeks of release has made a grand total of… are you ready for this… $12 million. Yes you read that right… just $12 million bucks. I’m confused. Everyone knows about it. All the critics say its really good. It has BIG names in it (Sean Penn, Naomi Watts, Benicio Del Toro), it got itself some Oscar buzz, and yet nobody seems to have shelled out any money to go see it? Even Torque has made $17 million! What is wrong with this picture? I even thought the marketing of the film was pretty good… and yet… nothing. Anyone has any theories why this film has done so badly at the box office? Did YOU see it?