Oh Look! Johnny Depp and a new Quicktime Trailer for Secret Window.

This also doubles as a plea for intelligent comments. I realize with the name “Johnny Depp” in the title of this post, I have about as much chance remaining childish post-free as I do getting hit by a random anvil in the next 5 minutes, but we can all dream.

Either way, the movie based on Stephen King’s book (don’t worry they’re not ALL bad – only most — remember, keep dreaming) stars Johnny Depp and the glorious John Turturro about one writer accusing another and the haunting / hunting that ensues. It also stars Timothy Hutton and, this is for you John, Ving Rhames. (I’d include links for the other actors, but the Internet Movie Database is loading like garbage today, so screw it.) The trailer’s pretty sharp. Check it out here.

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