Kill Bill Vol. 2 News: Teaser Trailer and Release Date.

killhero.jpgRemember the Forgein Film Movie God guy? Yeah well, he directed me over to a couple of interesting little articles at

On the official Japan Kill Bill Website, you can indeed watch a VERY short (and sort of uninteresting) Flash embedded Teaser Trailer for Kill Bill Vol. 2. Here’s the page

Second, Variety reports Miramax has apparently pushed the release of Kill Bill vol 2 to April 16th. What’s so big about April 16th you ask? Well, that’s the current release date for Hero. What’s Hero you ask? Sigh… Hero is an absolutley remarkable Martial Arts Epic that will change your life. If you even remotely appreciated Crouching Tiger, you really need to see Hero. No Seriously. I’m not kidding. It’s got assassins – 3 of em – and a fight with Donnie Yen and Jet Li and this archer military that’ll make ya wet your pants. Round that out with absolutley stunning cinematography – seriously folks, it’s shot like a moving oil painting – Wait till you see the falling leaves scene. Easily one of the best Foreign Films I’ve seen in recent years, if ever. Please watch Hero’s Trailers – they aren’t in Quicktime, so the quality isn’t the best, but my oh my. – I recommend the second trailer a little more…

The Article continued to point out that Hero may be released similar to Crouching Tiger: NY, LA, possibly Toronto and then gradually expand it in the week/weekends that follow.

So Check out Kill Bill’s new Teaser Trailer if you want, and demand everyone you know to check out Hero when it’s released. If they are released on the same weekend, it will be interesting to see if the Kill Bill release helps it or hinders it.

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