Indiana Jones IV script ready?

Looks like the fourth instalment of the Indiana Jones serise is in print. According to FilmForce:

Frank Darabont, the Young Indiana Jones writer, has completed his script for a fourth and final Indiana Jones movie, Variety magazine reports. Since it sounded like a more-or-less script was already in Spielberg’s hands last summer, this version of the screenplay may be a more polished re-write. “I’ve finished my work, so now it’s in the hands of God, or Spielberg and Lucas, if you prefer,” said Darabont. Darabont has been working on the script in close collaboration with presumed-director Spielberg, producer Lucas, and lead actor Harrison Ford.

Indiana Jones promises to follow in the footsteps of its wildly successful predecessors with lighthearted, globetrotting action. With Harrison Ford not getting any younger, the story will be set a decade or two later than The Last Crusade.

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One thought on “Indiana Jones IV script ready?

  1. Just read on Variety that Lucas – paragon of tight script writing that he is – has put the kibosh on Darabont’s script and that they’re now bringing in another writer to re-write it based on Darabont’s original concept. They’re now saying that 2005 is the earliest window when all three of the principles would be available to make this happen, but I’m not holding my breath. I mean, this is the third script for this film that I’m aware of and they’re no closer to actually starting it now than they were ten years ago.

    And, honestly, considering how incredibly disinterested and flat Harrison Ford has been in, well, pretty much every film he’s made for a decade it may not be a bad thing if this film never gets made.

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