Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to be the most expensive movie ever made

Well, at least you can’t say the studio isn’t behind them. The 4th instalment of the Harry Potter series will cost just slightly less money to make that all three of the Lord of the Rings films. Just think of that for a moment. What on earth are they planning for this film? Even if all the marketing for the movie sucks I’m still curious to see it just to witness what on earth they needed $305 million for. The Hogwarts Wire printed the following:

The Sunday Mail is reporting that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire will be the most expensive film every made, according to director Mike Newell. Goblet of Fire will cost $305 million dollars, or √Ǭ£170 million, to make. Newell said: ”I think of myself as being really lucky. I’m going to make the most expensive film there has ever been. ‘These things are not like ordinary films they are world events.” Newell also said casting Madame Maxime has been difficult, saying: ”We are casting right now. I’ve been in Paris, looking for giant women and French schoolgirls.”

4 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to be the most expensive movie ever made

  1. Well, they otta have some kick ass dragons for that … too bad they’re changing director’s though … I already really like the look of the third film just based on the early trailer …

  2. Keep in mind that Cinema.com and the BBC are also reporting it… so it could be true.

    Also, casting isn’t going to effect their budget at all. Like the other 2 Potter films they “set” their cast budget in advance.

  3. Okay, as it turns out both are very questionable issues.

    Here’s the link to the issue about it costing that much.
    – Apparently, the director was only kidding with the comment. – And at the same time, you can say that to “kidding” rumour is also false, HOWEVER:

    I tend to think this figure is in fact false simply based on this reason:
    – 90% of the cast hasn’t been cast yet. — That could flux the film’s costs by Millions. So for someone to say “it will cost exactly this much”, is extremely premature.

  4. Oh Johnny…. JOhnny… No no….

    This isn’t true…. Currently looking for the link. Read the article two days ago… Turns out it won’t cost that much.

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