The First Matrix Revolution Reviews Are Looking Gooooooood!!


As side note before we get started, I’d like to say that I hate the individuals who get to see movies of this hype-level before me. No really, I mean real hate. Hate like a liver-and-onions hate.

The lucky pricks in question have posted Matrix Revolutions reviews here, on the site that knows everything, Aint It Cool News.

And before you start that “I didn’t like Reloaded” brain of yours, ALL of the Revolutions reviews are written by people who are like a lot of you out there, which is: Loved the first one, and didn’t like the second one. The movie apparently contains enough giddy fun to make the staunchiest Reloaded-hater restore faith in the trilogy again. Thank Goodness. But who am I kidding, you’re gonna end up seeing it anyway. Either way, you’ve got the link, go read up.

UPDATE – Folks, I shouldn’t have to say this, but if your comments contain minor or MASSIVE spoilers, Please INDICATE THAT YOU ARE DOING SO AT THE TOP OF YOUR COMMENT. Failure to do so will only get your post deleted and if continued, banned – because you’re essentially wasting people’s movie-going experience – which, in my opinion, is the worst thing on earth. – I should’ve posted this earlier as a lot of you have done it already, consider this announcment number 1

That said, ***DO NOT READ*** the first few pages of posts if you plan on watching the movie and haven’t yet.

  • Ravage2020

    I’ve laughed my ass off reading all this shit…

    You know what I see? Narrowmindedness amongst truebelievers amongst idiots who think they have an opinion.

    you idiots know who you are, the dorks who say’
    Matrix Revolutions sucks’ and ‘it sucks’ ‘no, you suck’ and the pathetic back and forth continues ad nauseum…

    A few ppl got it right when it was said that the movie was supposed to end as it should have.

    Big Deal, Trinity died, Neo dies, and Morpheus looks like a sobbing baby…

    perhaps if you looked past all that, then you would see the forest for the trees.

    The movie is open to interpretations, as the Wachowski Bros intended, they didn’t make a movie “too suck” just cuz you dorks wanted it to end with a big damn smiley face on the end of the movie, With Neo and Trinity getting married, with morpheus as best man, and the Oracle as priestess.

    How fucking lame would that be :P

    oh yeah, Smith would be in jail, chopping up stones, screaming “Curses foiled again” :P

    C’mon ppl the point behind these movies is that they are to be entertaining, and thought provoking, not just a buncha cliches tied together, otherwise no one would have bothered to see the movies in the first place.

    Ok, I’m done :P

    Eat me.

  • Anonymous
  • striker

    I think that the movie was excellent, it was pure adreneline from beginning to the bitter end. well you know that the first matrix came out with nobody knowing what it was, well maybe they will make another one but name it something else and keep it in deep secret. They say that this was the last one but i know that it isn’t!!!