On the Set of Mean Girls

meang.jpgI just thought I’d make this a post since I can actually talk about a film that won’t be released for another year or so.

Today I spent the day on the set of “Mean Girls” a what-looks-like a tweeny comedy directed by Mark Waters who directed Freaky Friday. I found myself darting in and around the lead ladies while they were prancing in front of the camera looking all floozied up.

Wanna know what’s fun? Darting in and around lead ladies while they prance in front of the camera looking all floozied up.

“Mean Girls” is 4 days into its two month schedule of shooting. It stars Lacey Chabert (from Party of 5 and who also turned 21 today and who’s also pictured over there.) Rachael McAdams from “The Hot Chick” and Lindsay Lohan from “Freaky Friday”. It also stars me. As “the guy who keeps walking around in all the shots in the mall.” Dina Spybey/Waters from “Six Feet Under” (who’s also wrapping up “The Haunted Mansion”) was there too, but she was just stopping by to say hi.

I have no idea what the movie is about or what kind of film it is, but it was crap loads of fun just hanging out with a truck load of other people, mingling with directors and actors who make SCADS more than I do and getting into shots and production stills with famous people.

Allow me to say this, if you ever need to convince yourself that the rest of the world is just ugly people, hang out on a movie set. I mean, YOWZA.

Oh yeah… And I got paid for it.

  • candynce heart

    i think your all just stupid losers!i mean come on “oh well my daughter was asked to audition” holy shit man freak out dude grow up if you wantto be really impressive go to hollywood and try out if you make it then ok you can bragg but if you havent then just shut the f*up your not impressive at all k no body wants to hear it you f* bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shmoopie

    Get a list of extra agencies from your local Screen Actors Guild (or ACTRA for Canada) branch and check them out. Make sure your parents are involved. There are a lot of scam artists out there promising to “make you a star” (no such guarantee). Good luck.

  • ns girl

    Hey yup that was purdy!

  • canada chick

    Hey I think there is a guy in the movie that I know…Does anyone know who Matt Purdy is?? I think he was sitting at the “jock” table in the cafeteria scenes….I think he was also in the party scene at Lindsay’s house in the movie…the guy who was making out with the girl in the movie when Lindsay walks in and asks them to get out. Anyone know if that’s him or not?

  • Amy

    I thought the movie was good on Tina Fey’s part and Lacy Chabert’s but as for the rest… i could care less. I am so tired of these little tinsel town tweenies. I dont feel that they do much to the entertainment business at all.Mary-Kate And Ashley seem to be the only ones who have worked real hard. The rest just got lucky. :)