Disposable DVD Concept is as Disposable as the Product.

Today, by a landslide, the “Unwanted Bastard Child of Consumer Shopping Habits” award goes to: the ez-D. A wonderful product that gives me the dubious honour of saying:

“See? I told ya.”

Today, (actually yesterday because I’m staying up too late), even though Disney hasn’t released official numbers, retail outlets reported that the test-locations for the ez-D are selling about as well as 8-track tapes. And frankly, at the risk of sounding crass, I say “No F#@$ing S#!t.” Again, I sadly report that no one paid me 4 million dollars to see this coming from 140 fathoms away.

As I first mentioned MONTHS ago, the Disposable DVD was a concept put in motion by Flexplay, but financially backed by Disney. You buy it, watch it and 2 days later, the entire DVD is useless and you throw it away. Simple, straightforward and horribly dumb.

Here’s the funny part – the Motley Fool (www.fool.com) reported back on June 4th that Michael Eisner – the CEO of Disney himself – said of the Disposable DVD project “which I think probably won’t work.” WON’T WORK?!?! Ya Think?!?! But they did it anyway!!! Imagine being so wildly rich that you could pour millions of dollars into a project that you figure will flop regardless! – I can’t even get around this. Then again, that sounds remarkably similar to my college experience. Speaking of which, Michael – since you’ve literally got money to throw away, I have this Student Loan….

Either way folks, Motley Fool suggests you go out and buy one because they are future collector’s items. Or coasters. Like those AOL things.

  • Ecco

    Yeah, well, you would think they would have realized after the utter failure of Divx. It was virtually the same exact concept…buy the disc for like 5 bucks, and you get 48 hours to view it all you want, then it goes to the trash heap. The idea being that people didn’t like late fees, or having to go out to the video store, even though you have to go to a store just to buy it in the first place….the only ones this helped out were the habitually late returning renters. And as it is with habitually late returners, the reason they’ve not returned it on time is that they are busy, and likely haven’t watched it yet by the due date. or they lost it under their couch. Either way, the idea blew, because there are simply not enough people so lazy as to spend two dollars more to buy junk rather than rent it, and the ones who are, are too lazy to go out and buy the divx discs regularly enough to support it.
    Not to mention you could only get divx at Circuit City, and the discs had absolutely no extras, either!

    So, to sum up, it flopped…miserably. And to think that it would do better the second time around…I think Mickey was puffing the magic dragon on that one.