The Passion of the Christ Teaser Trailer, Website – and a Review – are Online.

passion.jpg**UPDATED AGAIN ON DECEMBER 9th** – read on…
Well, rapidly approaching the record for name changes before it’s even released, and simultaneously causing a stir amongst some activists and praise from others, Mel Gibson’s much talked about film, The Passion of the Christ has its teaser-trailer and website up and running.

The Trailer can been seen in really snappy Quicktime Right Here:


And the website is, mind-bogglingly enough, at

I must say, the trailer has got a few shots coupled with some epic-like music, that look really stinking nice. It also comes complete with a release date: Feruary 25, 2004

UPDATE: Dec. 8: The good people at Ain’t It Cool have the first review (Click Here) posted for ‘The Passion…” and it’s one nice review… Give it a go..
Update Dec 9: You know you’re doing a good job when.. Ain’t it Cool has posted two more reviews on “Passion…” one from a drifted Catholic and another from an atheist — and wouldn’t ya know it – they both loved it. Those reviews are here. The only “negative” review Aintitcool has posted about the movie, the author says he’ll see it again when it’s released. That one is here. So far, everyone has at least been drawn in, admired or been affected by the movie in some way – no matter what the stance. Not too Shabby.

Despite what some may say, I tip my hat to Mel for writing, directing, making and distributing a film, all because it’s something that means a lot to him. That says a lot right there. It’s nice to see the occasional “venture” made by someone when the issue of money isn’t so much ignored as it is completely irrelevant. Go Mel Go. I wouldn’t complain about another Road Warrior either.

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