Wonderland is Heavier than the Net Weight of Johnny Wadd’s Privates

wonder.jpgIt’s only in a limited release at the moment – and I’m unclear of what it’s future billing is like, but Wonderland is pretty solid, despite a few shortcomings. Although only a few has Principal roles, the cast list is pretty impressive.

I probably won’t be buying the Criterion Collection DVD of it or anything, but it is one heavy piece of work. Giving you very little, if any, comic relief, you are dragged through the events and various stories from participants in the “Wonderland Murders” back in July 1981. The “Wonderland Murders” found four people beaten to death with a steel pipe. – They’ve never convicted anyone for the murders – so the movie does the best it can showing different sides, possibilites and “the most likely” stories of what happened.

I absolutely love the tag line for this show which is simply: “This Happened.”

Essentially, you get pulled through the dark side of the porn business, the drug business, alliances gone bad, backstabbing and interrogators that are just trying to get the honest facts. The “true story” anecdote of this movie really adds a serious bite to it. I could understand some not getting every dollar’s worth out of it, but the story does stick with you – I haven’t put my finger on as to why. Interesting to say the least – the zero comic relief really gives the movie a smothering effect.

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