The New Punisher Trailer is Online and Crammin Whoop-A** Down Your Throat.

pun.jpgAt the time of this writing, the new full trailer for The Punisher has been Online for about 20 minutes — and it’s been kickin’ my a** for about 19 minutes.

Thomas Jane – (also known as “The guy everybody thinks might be Christopher Lambert”) looks like he might be doing one sweet job with this one. — John Travolta is finally playing a bad guy again. (That boy needs a hit movie like I need to get la… never mind). Or, Never mind the fact that Rebecca Romijn-Stamos is in it… or that tons of stuff gets blown up… repeatedly.

This trailer is also playing in front of The Matrix Revolutions on Wednesday, guaranteeing this movie will make more dollars than I have seconds in my life.

Mmmm Revenge is sweet – and looks so cool with Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” playing in the background… Check Out The Trailer Here before doing anything else stupid – like school work.

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