The Disaster Film Returns with The Day After Tomorrow Trailer.

dayaft.jpgRemember the Disaster Film? We haven’t had a real solid one of those in a while. Sure, you could say 28 Days Later carried lots of worldwide disaster, same with Reign of Fire (which sucked) — but the disaster in those flicks were the result of the focus – not the focus themselves. But “The Day After Tomorrow” is coming to put an end to the streak of survival and general happiness — via the rapid global shift into the 2nd Ice Age.

In recent memory, the film released at the peak of Disaster-Film-itis is Independence Day in all of its Cheesy Monologue glory. And wouldn’t ya know it? – The director, Roland Emmerich, wrote the story, the screenplay and also directed “The Day After Tomorrow”. — So, granted, that may not instill high hopes for story or plot (or recognition of any country other than the U.S.- A Memorial Day release even), but will almost guarantee enough destruction that would make Moses intimidated. Check out the Trailer to see the high levels of Plot-Substituting Carnage.

I must admit, I think the time-off from disaster films has been filled – because, as brainless as this will definately be, it sure looks delicious. Although Roland sure seems to have a fetish for destruction… and they always seem to conveniently destory landmarks like the White House or the Hollywood sign.

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