Ring 2 to be directed by… umm.. Some Guy.

ring2.jpgWell this should be interesting.

Okay, I won’t go into details of the problems I had with the American “Ring”, but it mostly had to do with a completely altered background story. (I didn’t say it was a BAD movie, I liked it, but I hated the revisions) The revisions were so heavy, that they need to completely re-write the Ring 2 as compared to the original Ring 2.

The newest news is who’s directing it. Which is, as far as you’re concerned – no one you’ve ever heard of: Noam Murro. Granted he’s won Directing awards for directing Nike and Saturn commercials, which has promise, but this will be his feature film debut. I’m still really confused why Hideo Nakata can’t direct this – or Dark Water. I mean, they were his babies overseas – which is where they got picked up in the first place.

Oh well, I hope for the stress level of this guy, that it works out for him. Go see Ring 2 when it comes out just to support him, won’t ya?

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