Hideo Nakata not Directing Dark Water Remake

drkwatsml.jpgWell, I should’ve figured it was too good to be true, but sadly, Hideo Nakata (the smart guy behind the original “Ring” film), won’t be overseeing the remake of his following film “Dark Water” – I could’ve swore he was in line to do it.

The Director this time is Walter Salles – who has a fair amount of work in film – I’ve just never seen any of it. The glorious Labyrinth babe, Jennifer Connelly is in the line to play the “mother” role – so it at least seems we’ve got someone with a brain working back there somewhere.

“Sometime in 2005” is the word so far – in the mean time, you’ve got lots of time to find yourself a copy of the original and watch it by yourself – alone – in a creaky apartment. Yes, very good, spooky stuff. Like everything else, you can buy it in Chinatown for real cheap. Don’t tell anyone I told you, cuz I don’t want the best kept secrets getting out. Go. See It. Get it. Good.

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