Filmmaker Slams Corporations For Those Stupid Theatre Commercials!

I have a new hero. Well, besides this guy.

That hero goes by the name of Jon Derevlany. He’s executive producer and writer of “Animal Jam” and who used to play my hero-of-days-gone-by: Crackers the Corporate Crime Fighting Chicken on Michael Moore’s “TV Nation”.

He was biting back about Studios griping about piracy, but then continues on about stealing his time. In today’s L.A. Times, he says this:

“Piracy is generally about the unauthorized taking or use of someone else’s property. I did not authorize anyone to show me these commercials. I did not authorize anyone to take my time and sell it to an advertiser. Nowhere in the theater that charges me $9.50 [Ed Note: or 13.50 where I live] for a ticket does it say my time and attention will be ‘pirated’ by these other corporate entities. I believe piracy works both ways…”

Yeah! You tell him cha-chi!.. Anyone wanna start a petition at about this? That might be nice. Frankly, I’m sick of these commercials.. especially that commercial with the stupid family. While yer at it, read “Dude, Where’s My Country.” Like, whoa.

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