Charlie Chaplin – He’s on the Screen in Glorious Silence. (even the Trailer)

chap.jpgOkay, I gotta admit, this is a really awesome idea…

“Kino International” on December 26th (aka “Boxing Day” for those of you that own “Touques”). ‘Modern Times’, one of Charlie Chaplin’s bigger pictures, has been re-formatted for 35mm film screens and will be brought to a theatre near you…

This is easily the re-release I am most excited about – even just for the contrast of looking at what cinema USED to look like and how far it has come (or descended). Ah, a glimpse into the good ol’ days – this sucker is pre-WW2 – Directed by Chaplin himself and originally released in 1936.

Kino has posted the Modern Times’ trailer here on the apple site, which you should browse daily.

I really hope that this move gets a little “Chaplin” trend going, because the guy is rather cool, especially in high speed with funky piano tunes behind it. — And look at that, it’s even on the IMDB’s top 250 movies ever made list – at number 78. – And Number 78 is nothing to scoff at – 78 ranks higher than Braveheart, Sixth Sense, BladeRunner, Aliens, The Princess Bride and yes, Return of the Jedi.

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