Alien DVD Box Set Will Weigh More Than My Arm.

alien.jpgIf you like Alien, you’re about to add something to your Christmas list if you don’t piss yourself in the process.

Today, USA Today reported (click to read it) that on December 2nd (mark that day down), Alien, and all of its director cuts and sequels glory, will be released on a MASSIVE – 9 (that’s N-I-N-E) DVD Box set. Remember all those “extras” on the Lord of the Rings Extended DVDs?? Yeah? That’s nothing.. Alien will contain a root-growing 45 hours of Bonus Footage. 45!! Fourty-Five!!

It will also contain multiple movies:

-The Original
-The Director’s Cut, which you should go see in theatres right now.
-The Original Aliens
-A Director’s Cut (James Cameron) of Aliens
-Aliens 3 with a half hour more of stuff
-Aliens 4 with multiple openings and endings

If they put one movie on each DVD, that’s still 3 DVDs left for other stuff! – Now THAT’S what I call Bonus Features done properly. Overkill is always good if it means extra entertainment.

4 thoughts on “Alien DVD Box Set Will Weigh More Than My Arm.

  1. Ummm well, how can I put this? — Um, if you read the post, it says on “December 2nd” – but there you are. — You are still free to give yourself a brain hemmorage searching for it, I guarantee you’ll hit the jackpot 20 days from right now.

    Sorry, patience is a killer, huh?

  2. Well, it depends on how much of a fan you are really…

    Besides having a myriad of movies, you should wait to see exactly what the total list of special features are. – I imagine there’s going to be an awful lot, but we’ll see. I’ll be tempted to get it, or at least put it on my Christmas list.

    Box sets like this are the reason I don’t buy movies in a sequel or trilogy until the entire set is finished. – For example, they haven’t announced it, but I have a hunch when the Lord of the Rings Trilogy is finally done, they will eventually release all three movies on one MASSIVE huge collection. — I’ll buy that one – But no other ones.

  3. I don’t know if i should get this or not because i have the original box-set and this may be very expensive. But then i like the alien movies very much so i’m very confused in what i should do, please help

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