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Okay, first off – The official website is now up at www.avp-movie.com.
**If the “AvP” webmaster is reading this, give me the option of Skipping your Flash intro.. DAH!!!** Two visits and I’ll hafta kill myself.

2) The new teaser is in fact, playing in front of the director’s cut of Alien..
3) Said teaser can now be seen on the website — and frankly — this can rarely be said for teasers, but I wouldn’t hold back anyone willing to re-edit the teaser so it would be about 8 seconds SHORTER.
4) The omniscient Mr. Beaks at Ain’t it Cool, has reviewed the entire script – his review is worth a read.. I don’t have high hopes for this one though…

Mind you a Predator already kicked Alien rumpus in Batman: Dead End .

And, this one is for real – anyone know of anywhere to GET a genuine Predator “costume”? No really. – Not a dinky “I made this out of styrofoam” thing, but one that looks like they just walked off the set… No, REALLY. Does anyone know? Seriously.

And again, even on the basis of looking so frickin cool, Predator would play slappies with an Alien like he was fanning down a hurricane. In my opinion anyway – which happens to always be right.

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  1. i’m also looking for wrist blades. i’m willing to spend 1000 dollars, but no more that that, if you have any info, please contact me.

  2. I’m possibly interesting in a Alien costume, similar to that in AVP. If anyone knows where i can get one, or who can make one, please contact me.

  3. I know this is mostly about predator costumes but i need an alien costume,all that is out there is the huge lame and heavy mask and hands.Any help of where to find any costume or part of it would be appreciated,I’m kinda short so you have to work with me.

  4. I said before that i am looking into a military career and i am intreuged by the thought of a set of wrist blades that can survive a combat environment and with with the mechanism being able to withstand dirt, dust, water, blood ect. the entire weopon being basicly what the movie indicated but with a completly retractable set of blades that extend at least 5 inches past the knuckle of a closed fist. my email is [email protected]

  5. I am looking into marine cor recon and i thought that maybe as a last resort weopon a feasable set of predator wrist blades would be something worth looking into. If anyone thinks it can be done i would like to know

  6. Hey Simon,

    I tried to email you about the wristblades and other predator weapons but it said ur emial address wasnt correct. SO i would appreciate it if you would email me more information on the predator weapons. I am willing to buy or if you do not wish to sell, i would be willing to purchase the plans on how to make them. So email me please [email protected]

    Original message: hey jason if you are intrested still in the wrist blades i have made some of real metal and the spear and dagger if interested

    http:[email protected]

  7. what was the company name? and were can i get anything? preds are awesome, and i want to scare my friends. lol any info would be cool. just post it here.

  8. There’s a company that makes soundboards that you can hide in a gauntlet, and run the wires to a speaker in the mask, under your suit. The sounds are the vision mode changer, the clicking, the roar, more clicking, and I think they’re working on one that does the mimic whisper when you speak. Remember the first movie? “Anytime…”

    Anyway, I’m thinking it’ll run you about a hundred bucks. But that’s the most identifying part to a Predator! The sounds! Just google “Predator Soundboard” and you should find it. I cant remember the website, unfortunatly.

  9. Arch you can try using Underarmour that You can paint available from cabelas.com .. visit raptorarts.com <> trophyhuntercostumes.com

  10. Actually, you know what? I’d be fine with just making my own. I see a lot of neat stuff out there, but… the hardest part to find has to be the most important, the bodysuit! Anyone know where to get some Pred skin, or much more likely, where to get a muscle/flesh suit that can be converted into a pred skin?

  11. Hello I have been looking for a full body predator suit with working electronics and everything. I don’t have a lot of money right now but would still like to know if it is possible to get one like that. I saw the one from ebay that was $3,800 and that is way too much for me right now and by the time I saw it, it was already bought. If anyone has any information about where I can get a full suit with electronics and the whole shibang for a cheaper price please email me at [email protected]

  12. I’m looking for a full-body Predator costume, but can’t find anything anywhere! Whether I buy or rent, I don’t care. Whichever works best for whomever I find. It may take a few weeks to get the money together, though…Anyway, any info anyone can give would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot!

  13. serious buyer from NEW ZEALAND wanting to buy the real mackoy predator costume from head to toe….money not an issue…i have plenty of it……

  14. I’m searching for a realistic looking AVP Predator costume, mask, hands, feet, helm, gauntlets, everything. Suit male 1.8 tall, 100kg. Please send me price. Need shipping to New Zealand as well :) Thanks fans!

  15. Tips for people making Predator costumes:

    If you need reference for certain parts, I would look at the McFarlane Predator action figures. I have all of them, and they’re pretty detailed. I would ultimately suggest buying one of the 12″ figures on eBay, though they run about $40. This is probably the best route to go, I believe.

  16. Hey everybody, I see alot of people want predator costumes too. I plan on making my own and I also need some idea’s, hints, pictures or anything.I’m not sure if it’s too late for this year, but if it is then there’s always next year. I’d appreciate any help/plans. Thanks! If anybody has plans for an alien costume. My friend is gonna try that one.

  17. DAVE K. I am very impressed with your Predator costume and would love it if you could make my 10 year old son one for Halloween. That is all he is talking about. I would be willing to pay what you would be asking. He saw your pics and was overwhelmed with your work. I would be willing to work with you with anything you would need from me to make this for him. You are a very talented man. Thanks Stacie
    I sent your URL an email with my Phone # Thanks again.

  18. anyone out there got any idea if you can purchase dredlocks as worn by predator or how to produce realistic looking ones any help would be appreicated

  19. I will be building a full body suite for ’05 … Iam doing my homework now… if anyone has detailed pic(s) and/or any good information about the Predator suite I should know please letme know… any information is welcome..thanks… also if this works well I would be willing to build custom fit and budget…

  20. Hey guys, Take a look at MY Predator costume pictures. This costume contained flashing mini chaser lights in the gauntlets, laser beams, and small flash light effects on the body armor.
    This costume cost me around $100-150.00 to make and tons blood, sweat, and hot glue sticks ha ha.
    It’s made mostly of everyday items found at hardware stores, hard foam, hockey gear, old car parts, toy/ gun lights and plastic buckets.
    I use to wear it out to nightclubs at Halloween and won a total of about $6000.00 in cash and prizes over a 5-6 year period, a real chick magnet too.
    I will be posting close-up pics of all the pieces I made, and maybe some building hints.
    The lone guy wearing the costume on the site is not body painted yet, and only weighs around 120 lbs (it was made for someone my size of 200-240lbs. Take a look at the alien/predator pic to see it properly. I just sold it last Halloween.
    PS. I made the alien costume too for around $120.00

  21. Hi Guys… I’m a huge fan of “THE SUIT”, so any information on whwere I can obtain sketches, instructions, or other info on how to make my own,
    would be really apreciated.

    Oh by the way… I do airbrush designs for a living, and i live in Qu√ɬ©bec (Canada) If any of you would like to get your suit painted like the real thing, get in touch, I’ve already done 5 of
    them !! Shipping and other costs can be a minor detail to settle…

  22. I am a big fan of the Predator and I am sculpting the head now and plan to make a body suite like the one in Batman Dead End. The suites were made of a cold cure foam cast in fiberglass molds. I have studied the Predator body and head for hours and I got the head really good looking. I want this to be my Halloween costume for this year. It is cheaper to do it myself. I asked Steve Wang how much he sold his heads for and they go for $9,000.00.

  23. Hello from Australia.Where the hell can i get my hands on a predator costume.I have been fortunate enough to get my hands on a cool mask/Bio helmet combo and a set of body armor but does anyone know where i can get the “body suit”.I don’t have the arm gauntlets either and these i desperately want.Can anyone help? As for making my own,forget that,i’m lucky to tie my own shoe laces .

  24. Day-vhul, who ever posted the last couple of messages wasn’t me as I’ve been ill,
    I know several gifted amateurs who are making realistic Predator costumes in the
    USA just as I am making one here in the UK , drop me a email to my hotmail address
    [email protected] – this is just a temporary email address if you leave a message here
    I’ll get in touch soon



  25. John where did you go? I’m still waiting to find out who I have to get into contact with.. I’m very excited. I’m sure I can’t afford it, but I’d love the information..

    You are a good person.

  26. Does he have a soft-spot for starving artists who watch a lot of movies? I’ll cook him dinner – or would he require 20 thousand bucks? I can do both of those things – one of them though, requires bashing a lot of old ladies over the head.

  27. The animatronics of the face I’m not too concerned about.. those would be neat though. — but you said “get in contact” — what does that mean? get in contact with what? with who?.. Do you know somebody who makes them, or are you just telling me it will be expensive?

  28. You asked about a realistic Predator costume , if you are serious , get in contact , it will be expensive , basically it has to be made like the original, animatronics, for
    the face mask & balst gun , laser diodes for the helmet, bodysuit, armour etc

  29. Alien vs predator will be a dissapointment for alot of people, but i’ll like it just to see the aliens and predators back on the silver screen!

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