A Wave of Alien vs. Predator Stuff

Okay, first off – The official website is now up at www.avp-movie.com.
**If the “AvP” webmaster is reading this, give me the option of Skipping your Flash intro.. DAH!!!** Two visits and I’ll hafta kill myself.

2) The new teaser is in fact, playing in front of the director’s cut of Alien..
3) Said teaser can now be seen on the website — and frankly — this can rarely be said for teasers, but I wouldn’t hold back anyone willing to re-edit the teaser so it would be about 8 seconds SHORTER.
4) The omniscient Mr. Beaks at Ain’t it Cool, has reviewed the entire script – his review is worth a read.. I don’t have high hopes for this one though…

Mind you a Predator already kicked Alien rumpus in Batman: Dead End .

And, this one is for real – anyone know of anywhere to GET a genuine Predator “costume”? No really. – Not a dinky “I made this out of styrofoam” thing, but one that looks like they just walked off the set… No, REALLY. Does anyone know? Seriously.

And again, even on the basis of looking so frickin cool, Predator would play slappies with an Alien like he was fanning down a hurricane. In my opinion anyway – which happens to always be right.

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