Trailers Have the Best Music You’ve Never Heard.

musicby.jpgI know you’re all probably busy reading up on Bennifer (Someone must be, they keep printing about it) – but I just thought I’d waste your precious time to tell you about a site that really kicks some serious fanny – and should be given a Peace Prize of some sort just for being so nifty.

How many times have you watched a trailer that had the most suited sounding music you’ve ever heard, and after seeing it, you simply HAD to know what song that was? Once? Eighty? ..Something…

Anyway, some guy who fancies himself a smartie-pants has set up a forum for exactly that purpose – People post what trailer they saw, and leave it to the hordes to answer – which they always do.

Ironically it’s called the Soundtrax Movie Trailer Forum – or Soundtrax 2.0, now that it’s on its newer server. It has helped me identify tons of stuff – a few of them below..

–The slow, too-calm-for-comfort music in the new “Dawn of the Dead” trailer (which is a fun little trailer by the way) – (It’s a Wonderful Life by Sparklehorse)
–The “Boom” hard-hitter tune in the Transporter and Italian Job trailer – (Ricochet by Bionic Jive)
–That quick thumper that EVERYONE was asking about in the Matrix Reloaded Trailer – (The Wonder of You by Andy Hunter)
–The typical yet catchy beat behind the Underworld Trailer – (Red Tape by Agent Provocateur)

Okay, so go add your two cents worth and cure that “I have to know…” itch you have stuck in your head.