On the Set of Mean Girls

meang.jpgI just thought I’d make this a post since I can actually talk about a film that won’t be released for another year or so.

Today I spent the day on the set of “Mean Girls” a what-looks-like a tweeny comedy directed by Mark Waters who directed Freaky Friday. I found myself darting in and around the lead ladies while they were prancing in front of the camera looking all floozied up.

Wanna know what’s fun? Darting in and around lead ladies while they prance in front of the camera looking all floozied up.

“Mean Girls” is 4 days into its two month schedule of shooting. It stars Lacey Chabert (from Party of 5 and who also turned 21 today and who’s also pictured over there.) Rachael McAdams from “The Hot Chick” and Lindsay Lohan from “Freaky Friday”. It also stars me. As “the guy who keeps walking around in all the shots in the mall.” Dina Spybey/Waters from “Six Feet Under” (who’s also wrapping up “The Haunted Mansion”) was there too, but she was just stopping by to say hi.

I have no idea what the movie is about or what kind of film it is, but it was crap loads of fun just hanging out with a truck load of other people, mingling with directors and actors who make SCADS more than I do and getting into shots and production stills with famous people.

Allow me to say this, if you ever need to convince yourself that the rest of the world is just ugly people, hang out on a movie set. I mean, YOWZA.

Oh yeah… And I got paid for it.

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