Disposable DVD Concept is as Disposable as the Product.

Today, by a landslide, the “Unwanted Bastard Child of Consumer Shopping Habits” award goes to: the ez-D. A wonderful product that gives me the dubious honour of saying:

“See? I told ya.”

Today, (actually yesterday because I’m staying up too late), even though Disney hasn’t released official numbers, retail outlets reported that the test-locations for the ez-D are selling about as well as 8-track tapes. And frankly, at the risk of sounding crass, I say “No F#@$ing S#!t.” Again, I sadly report that no one paid me 4 million dollars to see this coming from 140 fathoms away.

As I first mentioned MONTHS ago, the Disposable DVD was a concept put in motion by Flexplay, but financially backed by Disney. You buy it, watch it and 2 days later, the entire DVD is useless and you throw it away. Simple, straightforward and horribly dumb.

Here’s the funny part – the Motley Fool (www.fool.com) reported back on June 4th that Michael Eisner – the CEO of Disney himself – said of the Disposable DVD project “which I think probably won’t work.” WON’T WORK?!?! Ya Think?!?! But they did it anyway!!! Imagine being so wildly rich that you could pour millions of dollars into a project that you figure will flop regardless! – I can’t even get around this. Then again, that sounds remarkably similar to my college experience. Speaking of which, Michael – since you’ve literally got money to throw away, I have this Student Loan….

Either way folks, Motley Fool suggests you go out and buy one because they are future collector’s items. Or coasters. Like those AOL things.