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Somehow lost to the obscurity of the net and forgotten projects Disney seems to have failed on their hints and promises of a sequel to TRON. Instead we are left with a video game. Orginally this game was to co-incide with the theatrical release of Tron 2.0 but that project appears to be shelved.

Movie sources has rumoured about Jeff Bridges reprising his role in the 1982 classic (which I believe is the pure inspiration behind The Matrix and Reboot)

I remember my friends and I trying to peg each other off with frisbees and pretending our bmx bikes left trails of impenetrable light. This is a classic, and some would say its better left without a sequel but I know I would love to see one. The world of Tron could have grown as the technology has.
For now I only forsee myself getting this new video game in hopes of satisfying this craving Disney teased us with.

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9 thoughts on “TRON 2.0

  1. I also heard rumors and read on-line about the proposed production of Tron 2.0…. But the original and follow up posts were correct. Disney has fallen flat on their “magical” face and doesn’t have a bucket to piss in. Too bad. I think in the right productions hands, Tron 2.0 would have been again…a revolutionary movie.

  2. Tron was a brake through in every aspekt!
    They really did no – what the do, as the
    do Tron – the movie. Their tools where very
    simple and the computers are used to “render”
    the “primitives” are basic – today a nice
    look in the museum. But the magic of tron,
    done with backlight 3 or 4 projections on
    film – are so great – that no movie has
    this spirit.

    I grow up with tron – and most of our good
    programmers or coders – come deep within the
    spirit of tron, a time – of assembler programming,
    new frontiers that change the world.

    I hope they make a TRON 2 Movie – but I hope,
    that it will be not a commercial shit like

    Greetings Programms,

  3. Samuel Jackson was in Matrix? I think you are confusing the soft spoken Jedi with Laurence Fishburne. Easy to confuse. Both play calm reserved devoted bald black characters and both play a part in bringing about a prophecy of sorts.

    The core concept presented in the essay as well as in Tron is that there is a different world out of the reach of our own and the confusion of truth that blurs between them. The residents of the computer in TRON were unaware of an outside world. Much like the occupants of “earth” in the Matrix. The treatment and storyline in each is different yet still based on the original premise found in Tron.

    On a side note Princess Mononoke was very good as well. It was also written by Hayao Miyazaki who created Nausicca. (Also Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery service, and Castle in the Sky) It is commonly known as “Princess of the Valley of Wind” on the North American dubbed release. I am still hunting for a copy of that. Disney bought out the distribution rights and now old copies of original runs have been pulled from the shelves until that greedy little mouse thinks we deserve to see them.

  4. I actually never saw the Making of Documentry of the Matrix or watched it with the commentary. I wasn’t aware they went into that. I did read sometime ago that the 2 guys (I think they’re brothers) had been heavily influenced in school by that essay (The Procession of the Simulacra). Its pretty much staple art school reading. Other movies like Ed TV, The Truman Show, and Pleasantville to some extent, are lamer treatments of the idea of simulacra.

    I can see how The Matrix could have blended the essay’s idea with the idea of Tron. Although in Tron the characters are “sucked into” the computer world and are aware of that, they are trying to escape. The Matrix/simulacra is more about the loss of truth and loss of the original. The characters are not aware of the reality (until Samuel Jackson tells Keanu).

    I agree about anime. For the most part I never saw what people were so fascinated with. Ghost in the Shell was kind of cool visually and the concept behind Lain was vaugely interesting. Other than that only Mononoke is worth seeing more than once.

  5. I am aware of the true inspiration given in the Making of Documentaries and the voice over commentaries. I just feel that at the heart of things. Tron was before any of them but I cant say for sure that those were not ALSO inspired by such concepts of living in the computer as those did. I cant think of anything before Tron that came up with the concept. Its likely that all that follow this theme stem from that idea. This is why I said it was what i BELIEVED to be the TRUE inspiration for the films.

    Ghost in the Shell is one of the few Anime movies that made its way into my collection. Aside fromAkira, Nausicca,Gotchaman and that my short fascination with Anime waned. Too much of it just turned out to be porn. Renting random titles at the local hobby shop with the giant anime section turned into moral roulette. Would I get a decent flick? Or just porn?

  6. Actually “The Matrix” was inspired by Jean Baudrillard’s essay “The Procession of the Simulacra” and the anime movie “Ghost in the Shell”. Tron is a great movie that still holds up though, and Disney really should do a sequel.

  7. No insult intended, but Tron is the only movie in history that I’ve ever walked out on. I saw it way back when I lived in NYC. I think I was recently married and we were out celebrating his recent graduation. I admit to remembering nothing other than being more bored than I’ve ever been. The only thing I can think that might excuse how terrible I thought this movie was, is the fact that I don’t think I was really into sci/fi back in those days. Perhaps I’ll give it another look now. I’ve heard people talk about how much they like this movie and I can’t think why.

  8. this is a guess, but it may have something to do with the fact that Disney has shut one or a few of it’s animation departments. (This comes from a source that knows a lot more than me). Anyway, with the fact that Disney hasn’t made a good movie in years that came from
    their own studios, they’ve lost a pissload of cash.

    And it’ll only get better when PIXAR is finally released from their grip after “The Incredibles” next year. From the terrible marketing of “Spirited Away” because they wanted to tout their own bastard flop of “Treasure Planet” to the eventless animated releases they’ve pumped out, they certainly need to think carefully before they just throw another film out there.

    Disney’s own animation department has not been the place to be. — Oh well, so sad, a glowing yellow line behind a quickly moving square called a “light bike” seems to be something they could handle.

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