The Rundown on the Return of the King Trailer.

Overall, one solid day at the movies.

Saunder in and steal a peak at the Lord of the Rings Trailer (along with the Cinema Employees doing the same thing), and then run across the hall to watch The Rundown before all the couples sitting arm-in-arm watching Secondhand Lions makes us feel queasy.

And folks, Rundown won’t take any majors awards, but its a solid flick that will make action fans feel giddy like there’s a fly in their anus.

Seriously, the director has mastered that little “it’s a real quick edit, but it’s strung together really fast and coupled with a really strong ‘woosh’ sound effect” trick, so what you got is a sharp flick with a number of scenes that’ll made me die laughing because the shots were so actiony.

As for the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King trailer, it sucks. That’s right, it sucks.

Just kidding. It’s better than your life. You should watch it and then kill yourself.

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One thought on “The Rundown on the Return of the King Trailer.

  1. i think that the trailer was excellent like the last ones and i can’t wait for this movie. What could go wrong??? Well as long as its emotional, action packed then this should be the greatest trilogy since Star wars!!!

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