No buzz for The Order

This week “The Order” will be released, and I’ve got to tell you I haven’t heard a single person I know mention that they’re planning on seeing it. With Heath Ledger, Shannyn Sossamon and Mark Addy staring in it, I actually talked to a person who thought this was a sequel to A Knight’s Tale (which I didn’t think was a half bad movie in it’s own right). So the question is: Are any of YOU planning on going out and buying a ticket to see The Order? No, renting it on DVD when it comes out doesn’t count. Let us know in the comments section below.

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2 thoughts on “No buzz for The Order

  1. I too noticed the striking familiarity in the cast. Watching the trailer we already knew it had Ledger in it. But then as soon as Shannyn (Im a star, so I spell my name wrong) Sossamon both my fiance and I commented that she was in Knights Tale with Ledger. Then moments later we see Mark Addy and we just spent the rest of the time watching the trailer looking for Paul Bettany, Laura Fraser and Rufus Sewell. Didn’t pay a lot of attention to the presented plot in the trailer after that, maybe my star search was more entertaining.

    Not planning on seeing it – No interest. Might rent it if Battlefield Earth isn’t available.

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