Hark, The Grudge… and lo, I wet myself.

juon.jpgTake your hand. Cover it with glass shards.
Now cram it up your butt.
Grab a hold of your stomach.
Squeeze until everything’s shredded to bits.
Now, while you’re doing that, have a truck drive through your face.

You’re now watching “The Grudge” a movie made to freak you so intensely, you’ll voluntarily crap your pants just to ease the tension.

The amazing planners of The Toronto Film Fest brought us “Ju-on: The Grudge” – a horror film from Japan, who’s films as of late, seems to (finally) be re-defining the genre here in North America. Ju-on: The Grudge is no exception as it’s the freakiest thing I’ve ever seen. No furthur comparison needed, that’s the end of the sentence.
–Remember that wildly freaky scene in “the Shining” with the two girls staring at the end of the hallway? Haunted you forever, right? — This show is an hour and a half of that scene on crack. Movies like this create those mumbling people who talk to buildings.

– It was first made in two parts for Television in Japan. It got popular, they made a movie, which I just saw.
– Sam Raimi (Army of Darkness and Spiderman) is making a re-make – working along side the original director and is currently filming it in Japan. Okay, enough of the boring stuff.

Where other scary movies are released and seem to say: “We have this amazing, full story that’s very creepy at times” – like The Others or Sixth Sense — Ju-on seems to say this: “You came for a Ghost story – which is what you’re going to get. So sit there while we shove your heart through your butt-hoop. Go.”

The world of Ju-on takes place in a house – go figure – and it’s haunted. That’s about it. we see “the rest of the world” here and there, but it seems 75% of the movie is just this house with one really ticked off entity and all of the colliding time-limes of all the innocent suckers that keep encountering it. ….
….And there’s this cat….
…and there’s this whacked out lonely kid….
…and they stare….
…and gnarl.. And they FRICKIN’ STARE AND STARE AND STARE .. And then you piss yourself… and then there’s screaming…oh the screaming… And this shadow covers EVERYTHING.. AND THESE EYES, YOU CAN SEE THESE EYES, AND IT CRAWLS THROUGH DEMENTIA AND THE DARKNESS MOVES YOU’RE GRABBED BY THE SHADOW AND THEY’RE RIGHT BEHIND YOU AND .. .. I … just…crapped myself.

You should really see this. I need a mop.

Turn up your volume (not just for effect, but the volume encoding is VERY quiet) and click here to watch the only sub-titled Trailer for it I could find.. (click the “Audio/Video Materials” tab on the page)

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52 thoughts on “Hark, The Grudge… and lo, I wet myself.

  1. the grudge scared the crap out of me b/c it was me and my friend alone and i live in the middle of nowhere so that night i didn;t sleep

  2. Uhm… as for this movie, it wasn’t scary at all. Pretty interesting, and kind of intense toward the end, but that’s all. And lourpy good job screaming “only twice”!… riduculous.

  3. this movie totally freaked me out.. i was with 6 of my friends and they were crying and screaming and everything.. i couldnt sleep for days! so creepy!

  4. OH MY GOD THIS MOVIE SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME!!!!!! I am NEVER scared by movies, not even The Ring or The Eye scared me. But this movie….I jumped SO much, and at the end when the dead chick was crawling up Sarah Michelle Gellar, I screamed. Really, really loud. And that part with the bed!!! I froze the night I saw it, because my room was so cold and I was too chicken to put my feet under the blankets. And it didn’t help that my cat (who is black and looks alot like the cat in the movie) has this bad habit of crawling up to me under the blankets at night. Oh my god, that movie was the scariest movie I’ve ever seen in my life. WHOA!!

  5. The grudge was so scary me and my friend wanted to go see the incredibles at the other theater we where so scared i had nightmares if you havent seen the grudge you really should go see it cause if you dont ou r missing out of a lot of fun

  6. the grudeg was very fracky it really scard me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!if you did not see this movie yet you have to go see it you will SHIT your pants very bad so go see it if you hadden seen it yet DO YOU HAVE A GRUDEG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. First I saw the american adaption of the Grudge twice. With a stroke of luck I finally bought the original Ju-on. So late Saturday night I watched some of it. I found the original more interesting and entertaining than his American original. By the way I did see the Ring and I’ve watch Nakata’s Ringu.
    Ju-om isn’t like our horror flicks I’m please to say. There’s hardly any blood but sitll the director knows how to put some fun and fright into it. What I like about Japanese Horror that they play off more on tension than we our predictable ones. But Ju-on has some wonderfully cinemagraphed scenes. Like when the two ghosts are in the charactor’s bedroom and u wakeup there she is staring at you and when u blink she’s gone. I found some moments humerous as well. I would’ve love to experince this one in the Cinema.

  8. John,

    Have you seen the remake of this film yet? It sounds like the original was very effective, but the reviews for the remake have been pretty weak.

    I’m wondering how the two compare…


  9. This was a good movie.There were some creepy parts (ghost under the bed part was pretty good) but i thought this movie was pretty funny. Why r people in horror movies so stupid though? OOOO theres a house where 5 people died AND theres blood all over the walls LETS GO IN! I would like to see some screenshots of the ghosts though (espically the one without a jaw very cool). That night i stayed at a friends house and woke up faceing a mirror and creeped out.

    Can’t wait for part 2.

  10. oh my damn gosh i really hated dis movie so much its so damn scary!!!!!!!!i wouldn’t even dare watchin dis movie by myself guy hell no…anywayz i hate dat movieeee fuken scary buddy homie noooooooooo

  11. its not scary?idiots? well i havent seen it yet but i am this friday and im going with a friend and two GUY friends so i really hope i dont crap my pants like ya’ll are sayin’.

  12. This Movies is definately scary at best when you watch it alone on your room at night with the volume turned far open. You don’t want to leave your room once you saw it It’s great!!!

  13. I met Shimizu Takashi last year in Tokyo and he gave me copies of all his movies Juon 1, 2 (video) and Juon 1 (theatre) with subtitles. What a cool guy! I went home and watched the first one which completely freaked me out. But I couldn’t stop so I watched the next two, back to back. Shimizu is a very unique horror film maker. He takes no prisoners and no one in his movie is safe. Completely heavy metal film making. Similar to Ringu by Hideo Nakata (who is actually good friends with Shimizu) but more hard core.

    Actually Shimizu is a really really nice guy. He said he was working with Sam Rami at the time to make an American version which is out in October this year. Can’t wait to see it!

  14. okay, these movies ROCK! And I mean the TV cinema ones also. Part one is the scariest of them all, because you have no idea what is going on. PArt 2 is like hellraiser 2 in that it reinforms the watcher of the previous movie and then builds on that. I just got part 3 (the movie release) on DVD and found it good but nothing like the first ones. I think the best part in the first one is when you see the girl walking down the stairwell and she has no mouth. Oopps I crapped my pants! You have3 to see all of them in a row. I am dying in anticipation to watch the 4th one. And then the American Cinema version which i deem part 5. The little boy is back in this one as well. So even though it may suck it probably will kick everyones ass! Woohoo


  16. i really dont like the movie, it was vey boring. I preffered to watch filipino horror movies it might be interesting than of that foreign horror. I didnt understand the story at all and it was very corny!!!!!!!!

  17. sa totoo lang ang pangit ng movie na yan!!!!!!!! sa wala pa nakakita niyaN buti pa wag nalang kayong manood. bitin talaga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. i really dont like the movie, it was vey boring. I preffered to watch filipino horror movies it might be interesting than of that foreign horror. I didnt understand the story at all and it was very corny!!!!!!!!

  19. yoh! men! very scary!!! i want to see that 2 ghosts! well, if it is true… but i really scared especially inside of the blanket. woho! very scary! AHHH! mom! you scared me! hehehehehehe!


  20. — If you really like Asain horror, and if you can get your hands on these, I’d also recommend:
    The Eye, The Phone and Ju-on 1 and 2 — the latter two actually preceeded The Grudge. Very creepy stuff. I’ve got my eye on another Korean horror flick, which currently doesn’t have and Engish translated title, I’ll let ya know if it’s good…

  21. the movie was great..it was scary but its hard to understand because of the plot…..they don’t really organize it well..I watch this movie alone in my pc.. and wooo i was not scared..but im not dissapointed because im not the type of person who gets goosebumps when they see horror movies…..in fact the movie exorcist and blair did ot scare…..but i still enjoy watching it…anyways…….The Grudge is a great movie…and im proud that japanese movies made this far…….maybe its time for us to see asian movies instead of those high profile us movies…..afterall its really entertaining

  22. this film sounds ammence i really want 2 see it coz i love watching and ecspecially reading it.c’mon make me shit myself

  23. For some reason, I found only the first half of the movie scary. Maybe because I thought it got more of a Ringu knock-off later on (ghost staring from TV, weird pictures). There were some freaky scenes, though – kid peering thru the elevator glass, kid under the table, hand on back of the head while in the shower, etc. Some scenes sucked – dead highschool girls breaking into classmate’s room, etc. Good scenes – temporal anomaly, grown-up daughter sees father. And some were, well, funny – girl wakes up with dozens of black cats, real and (obviously) fake ones. The movie left lots of unanswered questions. But one thing I remember from the movie — CUTE GIRLS IN SCHOOL OUTFITS!

  24. the grudge is scarier than the ring.God,i watched it like,at 12am,and it took me an hour to fall asleep.i watched it again,9am,and i watched it crouched behind the front door,hehehe,freaked me to hell,that movie.

  25. The Grudge is a great horror movie, I tell you that. These images rendered all throughout the film are very disturbing and freaky, it leaves you imagining a bunch of “what ifs” (what if it happens to you). Like many Japanese horror movies (Japanese horror flicks like these always have their characters tiptoe as they move around to investigate a particular place at very spooky moment), it entails a lot of thinking. One thing I didn’t get though in “The Grudge” is the hands being place upon the face and suddenly the character realizes a bunch of flashbacks. What on earth was that all about? Now I know that maybe doing so made the character realize that through the hands upon the face, one can see the true identies of the ghosts. But c’mon, there has got to be a deeper meaning to it? I mean, by putting the hands on the face and peering through the fingers doesn’t really constitute an explanation of the fact that it could explain why the character sees the real indentities of the ghost. Sure, the flashbacks reveal some other characters doing the same thing, but it doesn’t explain why they could see the ghost through their fingers. And also the fact that the way the director, artistically rendered the flashback scenes, it seemed as though the hands on the face of the character plays a very important role. Japanese horror movies like The Ring, Dark Water etc. always has some sort of focus or an event which makes the audience realize the true details of the film. The Grudge was very spooky and I liked it but there are many missing details which leaves us hanging. Email me if you know the answer.

  26. got to watch the grudge by hook or by crook… the last japs movie i saw that scared me the most was “the eye”… after that, wala na… disappointing but i still expect something scarier that will freak me out!!! anyways, hoping it will be a good movie when i watch it, there’s already a hollywood remake starring sarah michelle gellar… so it must be a good and quality horror flic… hope i wont be disappointed this time… HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

  27. this movie totally freaked me out!!!!i thought i was going to have a heart attack while watching this movie.i was getting to paranoid that i dont anymore make use of my blanket while sleeping…arrrrgh!!!!

  28. ive just watched the grudge last night and it did freaked me out only with the first two minutes screenshots. that one with the dead body of a wife, bloody hands of the husband and boy with coloring books being disturbed with noise. uhm, did i forgot to mention that ive watched it alone in my house, in the dark, on my VCD!

  29. This movie was so scary and i cant forget it especially when the girl killed the victim under the blanket at the bed it was too scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the kid was too weird and i have no idea why they keep on freaking other people but anyway it is the scariest movie that i have watch……… It is too scry!!!!!!!!

  30. I didn’t like the movie (the grudge). Actually, I got very disappointed. I didn√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t find it scary at all, but quite silly instead. I only shouted twice: when that woman suddenly appears under the covers of the girl√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s bed and the other I don√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t remember.
    I loved “the ring” though, the American version which was much more scary than the Japanese.
    I think the grudge is a scary movie for children or teenagers. I’ve seen much better ones. There’s nothing new in this one: haunted house, black cats, dark long hair covering face of ghost, dead child appearing and saying nothing. There wasn’t anything really horrible to see, when a terrifying scene was about to come they cut and changed to another scene. They never got to a climax of horror. My boyfriend and I, and people in the cinema ended up laughing at the scenes and making jokes. We just couldn’t get it serious.

    From Spain

  31. I may be cowering too much under my friend’s shoulder… but i still don’t entirely get what happened to the kid, and what the cat is for… and the reason the man killed the wife…

  32. i was so impressed! i think that this movie is more
    scarier than “the ring”! and more horryfying than “the eye” better watch it fellow folks!

  33. Actually Ben, I saw this with a group of about 6 people at the Midnight Madness Showing at the Film Fest… two of which refused to go home by themselves. And other one went to her boyfriend’s place.
    The hoser didn’t even go and he still gets the horror-movie-snuggle-benefits….little prick… bah…..

  34. I started to watch the trailer, but it’s getting close to time for me to go to bed and the first bit had me spooked enough to know I’m too much of a painsy to watch the rest before trying to sleep.

    This looks like a good one.

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