Cheaper Movie Tickets A Reality!!!

Yes folks, I found it.

I’m not talkin’ dollar theatre business. I’m talking regular, brand-slappy new movies. In the theatre. As in a REAL theatre. As in not downloaded at all.

I’m also talkin’ evening shows. And late shows. No “only cheap in the afternoon” business. No, no. I’ve found a real place that has movies for the grand ol’ 1990 price of 7.50. Y’know? like 7.50? As in – the price you’re always griping movies should be? Yeah that. It’s real.

Wanna know where?

Folks, this theatre rules… It doesn’t have the mainstream B.S. adorning the walls, the big corporate jibber-jabber that some Manager got given more incentives to put up. Local art lines the walls, Murals painted by local artists — There’s even a public piano – right in the middle of the fricking foyer for the musically inclined to entertain his or her fellow movie entrepeneurs with.

Granted, the seating space isn’t silver city size, However — the ratio of screen size to theatre size is mondo. It’s almost like your own MASSIVE viewing room. — with a several hundred extra seats.

Do you live in Toronto? Or even near it? There’s nearly 6 million of you, so PLEASE, support this theatre!!!!!

The little miracle of modern splendor is the Rainbow Cinemas — 80 Front St E in downtown Toronto. Downtown!! See that?? it’s even downtown!!! It’s not a boon-docky, red-neck-a-plex – this is real.. Oh the spirits are moving today. This is the apology I get from the powers that be that withheld my lottery numbers last week.

It’s at the corner of Front and Jarvis Street — it’s a massive complex building, and the cinemas are around the side. Get there. Go. Leave. Now. Enjoy the Show. Try the Veal.

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