How much longer will the

How much longer will the Superhero genre last?
Some friends of mine and I went to see The Hulk again last night. I quite enjoyed it. During the ride home our conversation turned to the whole genre of Superhero movies. After Batman & Robin killed the genre in 1997 (does anyone EVER want to see Arnold in an ice suit again?) it took just over 3 years for X-Men (which I personally believe is the best superhero film of all time) to single handedly save the genre. Since that time, almost all of the comic book adapted films have been fairly solid: X-Men 2, DareDevil, Spiderman, The Hulk, Blade 2 and a few others.

So the question is, if the Studios keep putting out solid films how long will the Superhero genre keep going before another hiatus? Or, could The Punisher (slated to come out next year) be so bad that it kills the momentum all together?

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